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    • 회장인사말 임원명부 학회연혁
      • Greetings,

        Welcome to the International Association for Dental Research Korean Division website.
        In June 2016, we are very honor to host IADR general session here in Seoul, Republic of Korea.

        This IADR session will not only bring up the academic level of Korean dental education, but it also provides great opportunities
        to our dental industries to being exposed to the World. Furthermore, it will provide a good stepping-stone to young dentists to become global leaders in our community.

      • In order to prepare the state-of-the art sessions, the year of 2015 will be very tough and busy for us.
        Like France wine have dominated the World wine after the Fairs & Trade Shows in Paris, we believe that Korea’s ‘Hallyu’ will be surely expanded onto dentistry after this IADR Seoul meeting in 2016.

        Thank you for your supports and considerations. I wish you all the best.


        International Association for Dental Research Korean Division

      President Ho Hyun Son